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Enchanted Mt Katahdin Casco Bay


Mt Katahdin

Casco Bay

Chimney Pond Chimney Pond I Chimney Pond II

Chimney Pond 

Chimney Pond I

Chimney Pond II

Spirits Fancy USA Alagash

Spirits Fancy



Purple Snowflake German Flag Maine Woods

Purple Snowflake  

German Flag 

Maine Woods

Maine Moose Hat Snowflakes Snowflakes

Dk & Lt Moose  

Natural & Navy Snowflakes

 Lt & Med Blue Snowflakes

Giraffes and Navy/White Snowflake Garden Memories and Maine Loon Alpine Moose Hat

Giraffes and
Navy/White Snowflake

Garden Memories and
Maine Loon

Alpine Moose Hat

Horse Hat Horse Blues Old Town

Horse Greys 

Horse Blues

 Old Town

Nor'easter Blue Tweed Home Alone Alpine
Caribou Country


Blue Tweed

 Home Alone Alpine

Caribou Country
Summers end - green Hannahs choice Summers end - pink
Summer's End - green Hannah's Choice Summer's End - pink

Maine Wool Earflap Hats

All our hat designs can be knit with earflaps or without (Alpine). If you like a design but want it in different colors, just ask. We want you to have your Patti-Lynn Creation, your way!

100% Maine Wool Ear Flap Hat.........$ 32.00 Alpine......$28.95
Hat Style
Design Choice


Acrylic lining
Acrylic lining All of Patti-Lynn's wool hats are knit by
hand from Maine wool and designed to
last a lifetime. The inner head band
is lined with soft acrylic for your comfort.



Heavyweight Watch Caps

Heavyweight Watch Caps

Hand Knit in 100% Bulky Maine Wool. These watchcaps are warm and fits all size heads. Simply roll the brim up to fit.
Wool Watch Caps.......$28.95 each
Color Choice



Wool or Acrylic Hats for Toddlers

Wool Hats for Toddlers Wool Hats for Toddlers Wool Hats for Toddlers

Snowflakes with your choice of colors


WoolWool Hats for ToddlersWool Hats for Toddlers

Special Orders for the "Radish Family" and the "Katz Family"

These hats are knit in your choice of wool or acrylic. The wool hats are knit from a natural sheeps wool and lined with acrylic for comfort. The earflaps are tucked up inside the hat for added warmth and protection for the ears. Hats fit toddler with heads about 18 1/2 - 19 inches. We can make any color combinations or designs you'd like...simply choose your hat design and let us know if you want color changes.
Toddler Hats.......$20.95 Acrylic......$22.95 Wool
Hat Choice
Design Choice


Wool Mittens for Toddlers

Toddler mittens are knit to your specifications. After ordering, we will email you asking for exact measurements. We want you to have your Patti-Lynn Creation exactly the way you want it. Feel free to contact us about special needs.
Choose Hand Knit (heavier) or Machine Knit (faster).

Hand Knit Mittens.......$20.00 pair

Machine Knit Mittens.......$15.00 pair

Mitten Choice
Color Choice

Hint: Order 2 or more pair in the same color, and when a mitten is lost, you always have a match!



100% Wool Scarves

100% Wool Scarves100% Wool Scarves100% Wool Scarves


100% Maine Wool Scarves are made to match our wool hats. They are between 50 and 70 inches long and very warm. Pair it up with a hat for a special gift.
Wool Scarf.........$40.00
Design Choice



100% Wool Socks For Men

100% Wool Socks For Men

Men's Maine Wool Socks are knit big and then pre-shrunk for warmth. They are made to wear over another pair of socks and are made a bit big. To fit your socks to you, soak in hot water, and run through dryer. Be sure to keep checking so they don't shrink too much. When socks are the desired size, finish drying on a towel. These socks will bring you years of warmth. They are the only socks I mend at my house - a real favorite with my hunters!
Wool Socks.........$30.00 pair
Color Choice